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19/8-18 Great review of Soul Go Jaz by

Soul Go Jaz is an instrumental Soul Jazz album written and produced by Pelle Fridell.

The album is the latest release in the "Go Jaz" series with Pelle's debut "Go Jaz" (2002) and "More Go Jaz" (2011).
This album differs quite a bit from the other two, as being a dedication to, and digging deep into the jazzy soul music of especially the 80's and 90's.

"I grew up listening to a lot of different music, it was jazz, swedish folkmusic, jazzfusion and soulmusic. I have always been dedicated to the fantastic soul vocalists like Aretha, Stevie, Bobby Womack a.o. and how they express the melody and the lyrics. On this album my approach has been to sing the saxes"

The music is mainly performed and programmed by Pelle, but with several special guests like the fantastic bass player Lars "Larry" Danielsson, the grooving drummers Tim Lutte and Niclas Campagnol, the stunning keyboard and piano players Mads Storm and Jesper Christensen, guitar-hero Søren Reiff on guitar and hornmate Michael Mølhede on trp.

The album is recorded, mixed and mastered in Pelles Room.
Soul Go Jaz is supported by Koda.
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