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Mellow, new album out 20/1-23

Januar 20th 2023, the Copenhagen based, swedish saxophonist Pelle Fridell released his 8th soloalbum called “Mellow”.
The music is original instrumental jazz directed to the listeners inner life. Sparkling but in a lowkey and mellow atmosphere. A feel good vibe with melodic melodies and motion.
During the period of lockdown Pelle decided to write music every day. Earlier Pelles music has been quite energetic, but after a while staying home the music became more and more calm and silent, mirroring of the surroundings.
The outcome, Mellow, is a fusion of the acoustic and electronic universes, playful music from the playful mind of a jazz musician.
Guest on the album is the fantastic danish piano and keyboard player
Nikolaj Bentzon.

Hoping you enjoy the music
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