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New album Essence Remixed is released!

There are many ways of writing music. Just the word “writing” indicates paper, the classic, traditional way of composing. In the 1970’s cassette recorders were used, today most composers use computers as a tool when creating.

I have always been curious about how to form and make contrasts in music. What makes surprises and create moods to the listener. Comparing electronic and acoustic music, there are many similarities how to shape, fx loudness, tempo and harmony. There are also differences. The electronic universe is like a laboratory where computers offer great possibilities to transform the music. Effects like filter-sweeps, drops, looping sounds or tuning bass-drums are easily accomplished. The Remix was born in such laboratories in the 1980’s. Today the Remix has become a way of creating music, and almost all popular music becomes remixed.

But what about jazz and improvisational music? The original recording of this album never found its way to the audience. Instead I made this. A remix of the old recording where I have altered and added new things. Created something new by changing the existing. I gave the music new clothes from 2020. 
Keep in mind, when some performances sound strange, it’s on purpose. It’s a Remix. 
Hoping you will enjoy my music!

The album is recorded, mixed and mastered in Pelles Room.
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Essence Remixed is supported by Koda’s Cultural Funds.
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