Fridell - Essence
+45 26220200

Pelle Fridell - sax/ laptop
Gerard Presencer - trp
Thommy Andersson - bass
Morten Lund - drums

Fridell - Essence was a constellation seeking and exploring the journey from modern jazz into electronica.
The music was played live, with a jazz-approach, using modern elements as loops, livesampling, livedubbing and liveprocessing,opening new possibilities for interaction between the players.

The concept can be described as a “live-studiesession-concert”, similar to DJ’s who play live with loops and effects.We apply these aesthetics to the live and improvised music of a jazz quartet. Having microphones on the whole group gives Fridell the possibility to record, loop and process in the moment. Keywords are 'openess', 'unpredictible' and 'flexible' whilst acting and reacting.

The lineup with two horns, acoustic bass, drums but has no chordal instruments.This gives space for electronics to enhance the lyrical melodies and solo lines.
A mix of ambient electronica and jazz with the inspiration of Swedish folk music, a deep inspiration of the composer Fridell.

All tracks are played and recorded live without overdubs.

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