More Go Jaz

Pelle Fridell - sax, flute, basscl, keys, programming
Henrik Gunde - piano, keys
Thommy Andersson - bass
Morten Lund - drums, percussion

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Pressrelease in danish

Pelle is one of Denmark’s most used reed-players, having a musical flexibility spanning from free-jazz to interpret classical music, always getting involved and seeking the music.

Almost 10 years after Pelle s first release in own name “Go Jaz” (2002), Pelle gathered the group for a new CD. In 2002 the members were not that well known, now almost 10 years later they count Denmark’s mostly well known and respected musicians.
There are groovy tunes, lyrical beautiful ballads, soulful melodies.

- “In my quartet, even since the beginning in 1998, we always have had a very special vibe and love for the music. We started together when young and upcoming, now more than 10 years later, we are the experienced players. Whats makes the group special is that we all play different when playing together compared to how we play in other bands or constellations.
We get that young hungry energy for music and having fun, or just call it playing :-).
It is like meeting your old friends and getting reminded of all the fun and why we started playing music.”

- “My approach on writing for this album was to make a “vocal” record using the saxophone as the voice.
The advantage as a horn-player is that you can sing one tune as a soprano-saxophonist and the next as a baritone. In this approach I especially find the baritone interesting and not heard before.”