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I'm working with a lot of different music, and in several different constellations.

What's common in all of my music, are the melodic melodies, the soulful vibe and the "kind of special" harmonic language with melodic lines in the harmony.

I'm addicted to grooves and love when unexpected things happeni in the music.
Music with energy, love and great intensity is the place I love to be.

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You To The Moon - "New EP out 14/6 - Stories"

Check it out here on Bandcamp
(Or here on Spotify)

Fridell - "Your Smile, Beauty and Raindrops, Last Summer"

Singles out on the label Prisma.
Check it out here

Fridell - "Funky Shelf"

New single out 29/3-24

You To The Moon - "Walking Alone"

New single out 1/3-24

Barner - "Ciao Pais"

New single out 16/2-24

Fridell - "Good Times"

New single out 2/2-24

You To The Moon - "Love Live Learn"

New single out 26/1-24

You to the Moon You To The Moon - "Echoes"

New single out 22/12-23New single out 22/12-23

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