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Welcome to Pelle's Room!!

Pelle's Room is my creative place where i record, produce and finish my own and others music, mostly acoustic music, jazz, world, classical and crossover.

A little about gear.

For monitoring I use 3 different sets.
A pair of Genelec 1031 with a sub and Yamaha NS-10.
The big ones are custom-built by speaker guru Per Simonsen.

For recording I use some of the best microphones,
preamps, converters and a pair of ears trying to
capture the acoustic sound of the source and
most important, the music and performance....
Hardware brands? Neumann, Akg, Elberg, Universal Audio, Apogee,
DBX, RME, Røde, DPA, Presonus, Sonnox and more.

Sample of recent projects in "Pelles Room":

Master Jens Nørremølle
Mix Anders Larson
Session Jens Viggo Fjord
Session, mix, master Ulf Holmström

Mix, master, Rasmus Henriksen
Session, Helle Hansen
Session, Flemming Enevold
Session, Jens Nørremølle
Master, Jens Nørremølle
Mix, master, Dekadensorkestern/ Perry Stenbäck
Session, mix, master, Helle Hansen

Session Jen Viggo Fjord
Session, Mix, Master Sticks and Strings
Mix, master, Anders Larson Elektrojazz
Session, master, Helle Hansen
Master Jens Nørremølle

CD session, mix Dell-Beck
CD session Jonas Vincent Kvartet
CD mix, master Anders Larson Big Band
Solo piano session Jonas Berg
Single. Session mix master Cantus
Master Organizers

CD, live recording, mix, master Band Au Neon
CD, session Paolo Rosso
CD, dubs, Anne Eltard
CD, session mix master Anne Mejse
CD, master Erling Kroner.
CD, master Dynamite Vikings
Live recording, Chris Mihn Doky at Vega
CD, string dubs, Liva Andersson and Lilly

CD, session, mix, master, Pellecoustic Quartet - Works Ahead
CD, dubs, mix, master, Mais Uma
CD, recording, mix, master, Henrik Sørensen
CD, recording, mix, Anne Mejse
CD, recording, mix, master, Anders Larson - Unborn
CD, recording, Benedicte

2006 and earlier
CD, recording, mix, master, Jangmark Vinsand
CD, recording, mix, Helle Hansen.
CD, recording, mix, master, Per Gade.
CD, recording, mix, master, Anders Bast
CD, recording, mix, Reve Boheme
CD, recording, mix, Marc Bernstein, David Kikoski, Thommy Andersson, Martin Andersen
CD, recording Rosendal, Earle, Templeton
CD, mix, master Dynamite Vikings
CD, mix, Frederik Soegaard Hasse Poulsen - And We Also Caught A Fish
CD, master, Erling Kroner New Music Orchestra.
CD, master, The Organizers - Yes Yes Yes
CD, recording, mix, master, Mary Songs
CD, recording, mix, master, Almost Big Band + Bobo Moreno - Live
CD, recording, mix, master, Monday Night Big Band - Live
CD, recording, mix, master, Tivolis Bigband - Live
CD, recording, mix, master, Almost Big Band + Putte Wickman - Live
CD, mix and master. The Orchestra (big band) playing Niels Gerhardt compositions and arrangments.
CD, mix Vincent Nilsson - More Spirituals!
CD "Poeta" with Kurt Larsen
Recording, mix. Jesper Bodilsen Trio Live at Cph Jazzhouse
mix of Peter Fuglsang CD.
CD mastering of Mårten Lundgren
CD mastering of Jesper Bodilsen Trio
CD with Katrine Madsen
CD and mastering with Kalles World Tour (Kalle Mathiesen)
CD with Jesper Bodilsen Trio, recorded live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse.
Stefano Bollani (pia), Jesper Bodilsen (bas), Morten Lund (dr).
Demo CD with Søren Høg
CD (mix) with Primus Motor Big Band
CD with Tip Toe Big Band with Danny Gottlieb, recorded live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse
CD recording, mix and mastering of Beats and Bigband, recorded live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse. Nominated to Danish Music Awards Jazz 2004 :)
Demo CD with Claus Waidtløv Quartet
Demo CD with Liva Andersson
CD mastering of Scandinavian Summit - "Live In Bankok" (Lars Jansson, Tore Brunborg, Jesper Bodilsen, Morten Lund, Seviri Pyssalo).
CD mastering of Dynamite Vikings - "Vikingology" (Jaak Soäär, Pierre Dørge, Thommy Andersson, Karsten Mathisen).
Recording of Fuglsang/ Davidsen/ Padsborg.
Demo CD with the salsaband "Salson"
Radio program on Radio Jazz: "Jazz med knapper"
Mix of "In Medias Res" - Jacob Anderskov (Piano), Thommy Andersson (Bas) og Peter Nilsson (Dr)
CD production of Pelle Fridell - Go Jaz (well, thats me :)
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