Pelle Fridell - sax, flute,basscl, keys, programming.

Henrik Gunde - piano, rhodes,nordlead.

Thommy Andersson - acousticbass.

Morten Lund - drums, percussion.
-It sounds like:"Pelle Fridell meets Coltrane, Eddie Harris, Jan Johansson and Bugge Wesseltoft."
That was a friend's response after listening to a premix of my new CD. At first I was a little confused, but after a second thought I realized he just stated a good description of the music. You can describe it as "electro-acoustic jazz with elements of Swedish folk music, loops and beats". Go Jaz plays acoustic jazz with layers of electronic programming.The CD contains 10 tracks, where 8 are original compositions by Pelle Fridell.

Jazz with knobs.
Deep grooves, open improvisations and lyrical melodies. We are experimenting with different acoustic environments and sounds of our instruments. Trying to think more like the listeners than the players. Our attitude is: "rather a wrong note that sounds right, than a right one that's boring." Well, then something unexpected and fun happens… Inspiration comes from: Django Bates, Jøkleba, Jan Johansson among others. Blending with electronics when we believe it gains the music, but the bottom line is: we perform, not the machines….Go Jaz just plays music, call it jazz with knobs.

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